JumpSetter’s experts are proven to unleash a sales team's performance, which yields positive profits for and feedbacks from our clients. See what people are saying about us.

“I was still fairly skeptical about what sales coaching was and what the training was like, but when we got together we just hit it off immediately. It was clear he’d been through this before and he had the ‘battle scars’. He has a proven and tested process around what we were doing, specifically because he came from a software sales background.”

- Adam, President
“Every time I get off the phone with [JumpSetter Founder] Brandon, I feel genuinely recharged (and re-challenged) to take on another week of “detached” selling. Brandon refreshes my self-confidence for approaching opportunities, with a more skeptical eye on whether this or that prospect is indeed worthy of my time. I think my team and I have really evolved since we’ve started working with Brandon. His coaching has helped us distill a meaningful bounty of prospects, where the cultural fit is genuinely strong, where they really believe what we believe, from the literally hundreds who say they’re perfect for us, but really aren’t.”

- Stuart, Vice President of Sales
“JumpSetter is great for leaders looking to improve the performance of their employees. JumpSetter consultants provide excellent guidance and ask tough questions of the people being coached. They deal with all manner of people and levels of commitment and are willing and able to manage these differing, often difficult, situations and turn them positive. JumpSetter provides invaluable advice and guidance.”

“The JumpSetter Process has aligned sales staff with the company culture and sales philosophy in a positive environment. We are still early in the process, but I have seen a change in behaviors from everyone who has worked with [JumpSetter Founder] Brandon [Jeffress]. He has been able to provide team members with ‘light bulb’ moments – those moments when sales staff realized that their problems stemmed internally rather than with the company.”

- Zaid, Vice President of Sales
“[JumpSetter Founder] Brandon [Jeffress] quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses to help me find my authentic self and improve my sales process. From there, I learned to leverage my strengths and improve my weakness to better serve me and my clients.”

“JumpSetter not only helped me better understand my clients’ decision making process but it also helped me find my value, which has greatly improved my performance. Thanks to the JumpSetter Process, I have increased my annual income by 78%.”

- Debby, Business Development Director
“I will admit that I was skeptical when I started working with [JumpSetter Founder] Brandon. Having a track record of success and an advanced level skill set in my field what could he really teach me? Fast forward almost a year, and I would say that it has been one of the most valuable experiences in my sales career. I don’t know that the new skills have made the difference as much as an entirely new/different thought process that has help me use the skills I already had. He has given me a new way to view the opportunities I engage in which has helped me be significantly more effective. My recommendation could not be stronger.”

- Scott, Director of Business Development
“Brandon’s calling is helping organizations with complex sales environments be successful. He’s most effective when it’s a high stakes game. I gave him my toughest project while we were in the middle of a complete turnaround in the organization and we weren’t sure who was going to be able to make the journey with us.”

- George, Chief Sales Officer
JumpSetter helped me understand how to truly qualify opportunities and close [deals].”

“JumpSetter made me realize that having the right intent helps you ask the right questions – the questions that basically put you in the role of being a Dr. diagnosing somebody who has an ache or a pain. When I ask the right questions, I know if I can or can't help a prospect, and, now, I don’t spend effort chasing prospects I know I can’t help.”

“Sales isn’t easy, which is why there are so many [sales] books and coaching programs out there. Very few people really do it [sales] right. But, if you do it right, you will not only win more deals and make more money, but you’ll actually enjoy your sales career a lot more. JumpSetter taught me how to do sales right.”

- Michael, Director of Sales
“The JumpSetter Process has improved my sales close ratio. Before the program, I focused too much energy on sales that had no chance of success. But JumpSetter provided me with tools to better understand what is important to banks and if I can help them [or if they are ready for my help]. This knowledge has allowed me to separate the deadwood from the banks that have a strategic reason for change and focus only on deals that I have a real chance to close.”

“The JumpSetter Process helps me to think critically about sales. It also helps me keep questioning conversational and helps me define my unique value, my story, and the value of my company to clients.”

- David, Business Development Director
"The JumpSetter program helped me focus on what’s important. I am better at setting priorities [because of the JumpSetter Process], which has resulted in higher sales for me over the past two years. The program has continued to help me even after the JumpSetter consultants were gone."

"I would absolutely recommend JumpSetter to others. The program provided me with greater focus. Thanks to them, I am spending my time focusing on the right prospects and spending less time on the wrong ones. JumpSetter will provide this benefit to others."

- Rick, Business Development Director
“Having participated in a number of sales training programs and consistently read the top books on sales performance, I considered myself fairly educated in the sales profession. However, it was [JumpSetter Founder] Brandon’s coaching and insights that made it really come together for me. He spent time getting to know my approach and methods. He helped me understand my challenges and my strengths. His advice provided me the clarity and confidence I needed to apply what I’ve learned previously for real results in the field. Brandon’s solid coaching is enabling me to achieve the consistent results I knew I was capable of.”

“The single biggest change that the program made for me is understanding that sales isn’t just a process, a set of scripts, or even finding ‘solutions’ to problems. It’s a mindset and an attitude toward helping people that need and want what you can provide. I feel that I’ve moved from selling to customers to creating buyers [thanks to JumpSetter].”

“The bottom line to me is this, there’s learning and then there’s implementation. [JumpSetter Founder] Brandon [Jeffress] enabled me to put all I’ve learned in the past to use. His coaching was the implementation of my sales education.”

- Dave, Business Development Director
"Brandon has been an invaluable resource in our sales improvement efforts by providing coaching that is collaborative and complements what our sales leaders are trying to instill in each of our salespeople. In the role of independent coach, Brandon is able to have honest and frank discussions with the salespeople on the areas they truly struggle with most in sales; and that is feedback that most individuals would be reluctant to share with their supervisor. Brandon also does a terrific job of working directly with the sales managers to ensure that his guidance is structured to be consistent with our companies objectives.

The sales results (and discipline in the sales process) of every salesperson who has worked with Brandon has improved considerably. Brandon has also been instrumental in assisting us in reducing the total timer needed to get a new salesperson productive in a much shorter timeframe."

- Giovanni, Chief Sales Officer