JumpSetter Process

JumpSetter Process is our premier sales coaching program. We created this program to specifically address the needs of technology and software sales teams involved in complex sales cycles. This in-depth 12 month program provides sales teams with the tools and resources needed to shift the teams’ sales culture and improve company's bottom lines.

Why JumpSetter Process?

We know software and technology sales is complex, with many moving parts. The JumpSetter Process helps you create and manage
a cross-functional sales approach that is cohesive and, more importantly, effective.

How does it do this? Well, we understand complex sales cycles from the buyer perspective. Buyers want insight, and this 9-12 month program teaches your team how to become the strategic advisors your buyers need during the sales process.

How the JumpSetter Process works?

We know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach won’t work so we tailor the JumpSetter Process to meet the needs of your team and your business. We do this by first assessing your sales team and your target market. Then, we work with you and your sales team to create a customized, sustainable sales strategy that focuses on your value and keeps you from competing on price. We do this by providing you and your team the confidence and the tools they need to succeed in sales.

What to expect from the JumpSetter Process?

Just as you expect results from your sales team, you should expect real results from the JumpSetter Process. Here’s what you can count on at the end of your engagement with us:
  • Salespeople who are CEO of their territories
  • A confident, cohesive, and high performing sales team
  • A clear and effective sales process
  • Fewer ‘lingering /stalled’ deals and the ability to move them off the fence more quickly
  • More effective approaches to handling Request for Proposals (RFPs)
  • More buy-in and effectiveness of internal BD-related communication and meetings
  • Professional development and increased awareness and discipline of BD-related habits for individuals engaged
  • A common language at strategic and tactical levels for all sales and client conversations
  • Better leadership from your sales organization

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    Download JumpSetter's 15 Golden Rules to Success in Sales

    We have identified 15 Golden Rules that are key to success in the complex sales process of technology or software. Contact us to learn about these rules and how to start your team down the path of sales success.

    Read what one of our clients is saying about us

    “Every time I get off the phone with [JumpSetter Founder] Brandon, I feel genuinely recharged (and re-challenged) to take on another week of “detached” selling. Brandon refreshes my self-confidence for approaching opportunities, with a more skeptical eye on whether this or that prospect is indeed worthy of my time. I think my team and I have really evolved since we’ve started working with Brandon. His coaching has helped us distill a meaningful bounty of prospects, where the cultural fit is genuinely strong, where they really believe what we believe, from the literally hundreds who say they’re perfect for us, but really aren’t.”

    Stuart, Vice President of Sales