JumpSetter Trainings

Today’s market calls for a tailored approach to sales, and improvement in sales’ results calls for a tailored approach to training. JumpSetter knows this and provides sales teams with the know-how needed to sell successfully. Our workshops are specifically crafted to provide the tools and knowledge needed to land complex sales in two of the largest industries today – software and technology.

Here are four of our most popular workshops

Avoiding the Commodity Trap: A 6 Step Guide
Are prospects asking for price points in the first 2 meetings? Is your company providing a lot of quotes but not getting a lot of sales? Does it feel like companies don’t understand the value of your product or service? If you answered yes to at least 1 of these questions, there is a good chance your product is getting commoditized. Commoditization of your organization and products means you’re competing on price –not value – and that hurts sales’ revenues. This JumpSetter workshop provides sales teams with the tools to get out of the commodity trap to sell more and sell better.
15 Gold Rules of Sales Success
We have identified 15 Golden Rules that are key to success in the complex sales process of technology or software. In this workshop, we walk sales teams through these rules and help them begin to take steps needed to gain better results.
Competing Against The Consultative Sales Professional
With many companies already adopting some form of a consultative sales approach, how do you differentiate and stay competitive to win? We have identified a methodology that will enable you to bring value to your prospects in ways that will separate you from the other sales person.
John Maxwell’s Personal Growth and Leadership Development
As a certified John Maxwell speaking, training and coaching company, JumpSetter offers workshops to assist in growing your people. Our clients realize that when your leaders and employees grow, companies have no choice but to grow too. This workshop provides the building blocks to growth.”

Read what one of our clients is saying about us

“Every time I get off the phone with [JumpSetter Founder] Brandon, I feel genuinely recharged (and re-challenged) to take on another week of “detached” selling. Brandon refreshes my self-confidence for approaching opportunities, with a more skeptical eye on whether this or that prospect is indeed worthy of my time. I think my team and I have really evolved since we’ve started working with Brandon. His coaching has helped us distill a meaningful bounty of prospects, where the cultural fit is genuinely strong, where they really believe what we believe, from the literally hundreds who say they’re perfect for us, but really aren’t.”

Stuart, Vice President of Sales