Who We Are

About JumpSetter
The experts in sustainable, sales strategy

The JumpSetter team is made up of coaching, speaking and training experts in sales approach, growth, and leadership assessment and development. Our experts have worked in and managed software and technology sales for more than 20 years.

We understand complex sales cycles from the buyer perspective. Buyers want insight, and we can teach your team how to become the strategic advisors your buyers need during the sales process. We help our clients avoid commoditization and help them compete on product and price. But we don’t impart this knowledge through “one-size-fits-all” program. Our sales training and workshops are tailored to meet your team’s need.

We’re more than sales coaching. We’re more than sales training. JumpSetter is about change that sticks and results that last. It’s about getting the culture our clients were striving to build.

Every company has A, B, C, and D quality reps. While we can’t teach talent, what we can do is help them to reach their best by putting sound behaviors and process around them.

JumpSetter provides sales teams the know-how needed to be successful in today’s complex sales market. And we don’t just tell you what you do – we show you how to do it through speaking, training and coaching approaches that work for technology and software sales teams.